Thursday, October 25, 2007


There are still good people
OCTOBER 25, 2007 6:16PM

By: dennis borsina

I am here today to tell you that you DO
NOT need to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars
over and over again to get great products.

Unlike what a lot of marketers seem to think when a new
high-priced product comes out, you probably do not need

Of course there are times when it is beneficial to
purchase high-priced products, I have done so myself, but
you need to really consider a purchase like that.

Will you use what they offer, or will it sit on a shelf
collecting dust? Be honest with yourself when considering

So today I want to let you have access to a Bronze or
even Silver membership to a great resellers membership

I will let you choose which level you want to join, and
both are free for you today!

Here's the deal...

A guy named John Rogers started a small resale rights
membership site just over a year ago. He did it with the
intention of providing fresh resale rights and private
label rights products for exactly the kind of people that
don't want to spend the kind of money demanded for some
big packages.

But rather than doing a big launch and taking in a ton of
members, he let less than 50 in just to see if he could
provide an inexpensive source of new products that people
felt were far more valuable than the price of the

It was a resounding success. John kept his little
membership quiet, and faithfully served his small group
of customers while he made improvements to the site and

The only problem was that many of John's members wanted
an affiliate program.

Rather than just throwing an affiliate program together,
John spent an enormous amount of time researching and
testing membership scripts that would both adequately
meet the needs of his members, and also work in a fashion
that provided the maximum opportunity for affiliate

The result of all this, after a year of serving his loyal
customer base while researching the ideal platform for
the membership, is Resellers Oasis Gold.

Resellers Oasis Gold offers new and fresh resale rights
and private label rights products at an incredibly low
price while giving affiliates maximum opportunity for
earning generous commissions.

Each month, Resellers Oasis Gold members receive $450 in
new product value for the low price of $29.95. That's an
immediate return on investment of more than 1500%. And
the product value isn't inflated. If it was purchased at
a discount, that discount is passed on to the members.

And the affiliate commissions are even better. The
Resellers Oasis Gold member commissions are $17 per month
on new Gold members referred, and $20 on each $37 one
time offer sold. That's over 56% monthly on Gold members,
and over 54% on one time offers.

Commissions that good are hard to find.

What's even better is that all you have to do to earn
commissions is give away free memberships. How easy is

So here's the deal.

There are three levels of membership at Resellers Oasis.
Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze is free and will always remain free.

Silver is designed as a $127 lifetime subscription, but
for a limited time while files are still being uploaded,
the Silver membership is free. Those who get in for free
will never pay a dime. But once the offer is removed,
everyone else will have to pay.

Gold is the ultimate membership level I explained above.
Gold members receive $450 value in brand new products
every month, and also enjoy generous affiliate
commissions. I don't know of any place you can get more
bang for your buck.
I invite you to check out Resellers Oasis for yourself.
To get your free Silver membership, just go to;

and register as a Bronze member.

After entering the site you will find yourself on your
profile page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and
you will see a place to enter a promotion code.

Enter "freesilver" (without the quotes) in that box, and
click the "Redeem Your Bonus" button.

You will then be automatically upgraded to Silver!

After you receive your Silver membership, you will be
eligible to upgrade to Gold (this option is not available
to Bronze members). You will find the upgrade option by
clicking "Your Files" on the menu. This is also where you
will be able to access the download areas.

So go check it out, you must go see for yourself;


You don't need to spend much, or any money to get great
products... you just need to read this email :)


P.S. You are free to just stay as a Bronze member, but I
assume that you will want to be a Silver member :)
So just enter "freesilver" as a promo code to get your
Silver membership for no cost whatsoever.


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