Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On Line Off Line It Doesn't Matter

If your Selling Anything These Will Help

Dear Friend;

We offer a very unique customer incentive Gas and Grocery certificates that really work!

Our Gas and Grocery Certificate Redemption Program is an incentive that will help your business bring in more customers and make more sales by allowing you to offer your customers up to $500 in gas or groceries for a fraction of that cost.

These certificates are EXCLUSIVE INVITATIONS from you to your customers, inviting them to participate in a gas or grocery rebate program.

Why pay $25, $50, $100 or more for each and every gas card or grocery store gift card you buy to give to your customers when you can pay pennies on the dollar for a $25 gift card that your customers can earn back on everyday purchases each month… up to 20 months.

These certificates are EXCLUSIVE because your customers can ONLY get them from businesses such as yours. Customers CANNOT participate in the Rebate Program without one of these certificates! The Gas Program has been used, with great success, by many companies for about two years. And the Grocery Program is working extremely well already and we just officially launched it ten weeks ago.

Just Imagine Being Able To:

* * Increase your profit margins with no additional advertising

* * Double or triple your sales

* * Promote higher margin sales

* * Increase new customer traffic

* * Increase your customer database

...And that's just for starters!

* Offer promotionals that tower above your competition

And Not Only That, But:

* < * Generate local media

* * Increase your customer database

* * Re-energize old customers

* * Make your customers VERY loyal

If you include a "FREE Gas or Grocery" offer in your advertising, you will see your bottomline skyrocket, just like the price of gas. And, for a fraction of the gas or Grocery Certificate value, we take all the risk. Advertise your big offer knowing that if you don't increase your sales or get new customers we'll buy back your unused Certificates.

It just keeps getting better
One very big bonus to the grocery program is that the consumer receiving the gift card every month will also receive money saving coupons that they can use in the grocery store.

Here is what one customer has to say about the success of their promotion using our Gas certificates.
This program is so cost effective that many of the independently owned stores of the largest manufacturer and retailer of furniture in North America, Ashley Furniture Homestore, used our certificates for their Labor Day Celebration AND their "Big Event" during September 2008.

Another customer sent us this testimonial,
Our certificates come in $100, $150, $300 and $500 denominations. (Other denominations up to $500

Remenber if you don't increase your sales or get new customers we'll buy back your unused Certificates.

Your code for the website is: F7B8N you will need the code to access the site

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Your customers will be able to shop at the gas station or grocery store of their choice

Sincerely, Dennis Borsina Account Executive Free Fuel Nationwide

We have businesses running ads that say "Get $1,000 in Gas and Groceries when your purchase totals $XXX.XX" Since consumers can use both a gas and grocery certificates simultaneously that type of ad sounds extremely appealing to potential customers. If that is of interest to you... you'd just order an equal number of gas and grocery certificates and give one of each to your customers.

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