Friday, July 25, 2008

How to intice a lot more people in your online biz

Millions of Americans are feeling the effects of the highest gas
prices we've ever seen. And they will only go up from here. By
offering your customers FREE Gas, you and your business will become
their hero!

Look! Virtually every business in our community is offering some type
of incentive -- you see it every day! They're used to promote business
and lead generation. Why not be the company that offers something that
your customer or potential customer can really use? FREE Gas!

With gas prices continuing to soar, what better way to drive huge
traffic than an offer of "FREE Gas". You'll have customers lining up
at your door... when you offer them $500.00 in FREE Gas!

Our FREE Gas Certificate Program delivers measurable results for your business:

* Make your customers VERY loyal
* Increase your profit margins with no additional advertising
* Double or triple your sales
* Promote higher margin sales
* Increase the length of service agreements
* Increase new customer traffic
* Offer promotionals that tower above your competition
* Gain valuable information on potential customers
* Increase your customer database
* Retain current customers
* Re-energize old customers
* Express appreciation
* Generate local media "buzz"
* Provide high-value low-cost gifts

If you include a "FREE Gas" offer in your advertising, you will see
your bottomline skyrocket, just like the price of gas.

And, for a fraction of the gas voucher value, we take all the risk.
Advertise your big offer knowing that if you don't increase your sales
or get new customers we'll buy back your unused vouchers.

Summer is drive time! Be the first in your area to offer this unique,
low-cost promotion.

These vouchers come in $100 , 250 , 300 , and 500 dollar amounts.
They can used fore Gas,Diesel,Home heating oil, Propane
Pick the kind of fuel you want to use Shell,
When you order your vouchers, you can order different amounts ( mix
$100 dollars with $500 )
depending what you want your customer's to do, in your case different
cruises get different dollar amounts or what ever you decide works
best for you.
We like to sell these in lots of 100 ,but on the first order we can
make an exception.
If you want to know more about this great program, Just ask

Sunday, June 29, 2008

This video will teach lots about keywords

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Learning "Black Hat"to protect your commissions

This guest post was written by Dan Ackerman Greenberg, co-founder of viral video marketing company The Comotion Group and lead TA for the Stanford Facebook Class. Dan will graduate from the Stanford Management Science & Engineering Masters program in June. 10

Perfect day for a little blogosphere controversy whipped up by TC. It makes for some great post-turkey debate. Running into irrelevant videos/Ads backfires! Viewers remember these and bad mouth the product, the movie, or the site in conversations. The videos are just the same apart from the product has no initial worth, just like taking a rock from the ground. It only has worth when people perceive it as so.10

This one is particularly low, but it?s one that many bloggers do. If you browse enough of the webmaster forums, you will find posts where users offer to comment on other people?s blogs. One simple way is to target other bloggers in a way that will get you noticed. This can involve instigating heated arguments in the comments of popular blogs; using your blog posts to critique well-read bloggers; or writing posts that single out other bloggers. It is possible to pay people to post comments on your blog and build up your community so that it looks like you are more popular than you are. Some people will even offer to comment on your blog for free if they?re bored.12

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


MobillCash Merchant General Overview

Welcome to MobillCash, A Mobile Payment System unlike any other in the World!

With MobillCash a customer only needs a mobile phone; they don’t need Cash, Credit Card, a Bank Account or even need to show ID to make a secure online purchase from your website.

This presentation is a general overview for Merchants.

Let me show you how easy MobillCash is to use.

First I want to make sure you understand a couple items:

With MobillCash a customer can be anyone with a mobile phone in 15 different countries using over 100 mobile carriers world wide. Totaling over 500 Million subscribers today and growing to over 1 Billion by early 2008. A list is on our website.

When a customer clicks to pay via their Mobile Phone, they’ll simply select the country they are in and they’ll immediately see the total purchase price in their own currency.

The customer simply enters their mobile phone number and clicks continue.

A few seconds later they’ll receive a text message confirming the amount to pay, again in their own currency.

They only need to click reply and enter Y for Yes and send.

The Transaction will be verified instantly by MobillCash and the Mobile Carrier and the transaction is complete.

The consumer is billed by the Mobile Phone Carrier.

You the Merchant are now guaranteed a payment from the sale.

With MobillCash its not only simple it brings many benefits to the merchant.

As a MobillCash merchant you can increase your revenues from a customer source you never thought possible. You can now make the sale when a customer only has a Mobile Phone and no Cash, Credit Card, Bank Account or doesn’t want to show ID. And the best part is your payment is Guaranteed without any additional Cost to the merchant. I’ll speak about that in a moment.

As customers realize their mobile carriers are giving them instant credit to purchase online goods more will be taking advantage of this new form of credit, and you won’t want to miss out on this new additional highly profitable revenue stream.

With MobillCash you will also increase your market size and reach.
Did you know there are more Mobile Phones than Credit cards and Bank accounts world wide?

Substantially less than 50% of the population has a bank account or credit card and in many countries mobile phone ownership is reaching 100% of the population and in some countries in Europe and Asia it surpassed 100% multiple years ago.

With MobillCash merchants are paid via wire transfer in their currency of choice without currency exchange fees no matter where the customers are around the globe.

With MobillCash merchants have lower business risks than other payment options.

For instance, once a reply from a customer is confirmed by the mobile carrier the payment is guaranteed to the merchant, this simply isn’t available from credit card payments. The carriers don’t give refunds to customers, and it is left to the merchant the customer to handle any issues.

The majority of merchants set up MobillCash so they have no transaction costs or fees and collect 100% of the sales price.

Additionally, the merchant needs no special software, hardware or technology to set up an online merchant account.

In addition to increasing revenues and lowering business risks, the merchants also increase profitability in the sales process.

No Collection tasks, you keep 100% of the sales price by adding new higher profit customers and this new business doesn’t cannibalize or take away and of your existing credit card or bank transaction business, as well as Mobillcash instantly makes you available to new customer in new countries around the globe without cost or additional marketing expense.

MobillCash payment process gives you an opportunity to make the online purchase almost as easy as swiping your card at the local retailer. It’s easy for the merchant as well as the customers and more secure than credit cards for both the merchant and the customers.

Giving customers a secure option to pay without giving up ID and only using a mobile phone has increased businesses revenues by 20-30% immediately without changing they way do business.

Ease of use and security are important items to give customers for most online merchants. Is it for you as well?

Total Costs to set up a merchant account is ZERO.

We don’t charge a set up fee, you don’t need any special equipment or software of any kind, no secure website licenses or certificates to acquire, you don’t even need a special bank account.

And if you set this up like most other merchants you will not have any transaction fees either.

Nothing to lose and all to gain, wouldn’t you agree?

So, what can you sell with MobillCash?

MobillCash is currently set up for merchants selling to consumers online digital downloads, Online Services as well as online pay sites or those with membership or subscription fees for content, software or other technology.

Here is a short list of those items:

Digital Downloads of all types including audio, video, games, documents, ring tones, software and more… This includes services downloaded to computers as well as mobile phones.

Pay sites with a membership fee or pay for use. We can manage almost any recurring billing format you wish to offer.

Other Services not described above can also be purchased with MobillCash.

Sorry, no hard good products that are either shipped or sold across the counter are approved by the mobile carriers at this time.

Thank you for taking the time to review MobillCash.

Here is a link for you to set up your FREE Merchant Account as well as read more about MobillCash. We have an extensive FAQ list as well that should answer the majority of other questions we have not covered in this general overview.

Again thank you for your time.