Thursday, September 27, 2007

Times almost up on

Greetings Contributors!

With less than 24 hours to go, there are still many, many gifts yet to be uploaded. (And reviewed!)

Please avoid the rush and upload your gift as soon as possible so that we can review them before launch.

On the topic of gifts: We want to thank you! The vast majority of gifts are fresh, relevant and are what people are going to want.

That being said, a 2 year-old PDF eBook that wasn\'t all that popular when released is not going to go over well here either.

Nor will most Public Domain items or anything that has been over-hyped and over-sold.

Keep in mind that to capture their address and possibly convert an OTO or upsell, a visitor to Insanity still must click on your Product Image or Link.

They simply won\'t click if the gift is not appealing, making this a very big waste of good energy for all parties.

Please visit the members area, take a step back and review both your gift and description, putting yourself in a visitor/members mind. (Or shoes-your choice)

Don\'t take it personal...Take Action!

Moving on... The momentum built over the next several hours will really set the tone for the event as a whole.

Remember also that the placement order of your gift is directly affected by your personal promotion. The more referrals and visits from your referrals, the higher up the list you will be placed by the ranking feature in the software.

We would like to ask everyone to please hit your lists/memberships hard this afternoon, building up towards the Midnight launch.

Your personal \"Invite Other Members link:

We will be making the rounds of the bigger Traffic Exchanges today buying credits, so if you have a favorite, a suggestion or know someone in \"high places\" please pass on the information.

At this time the promotion list includes WebBizInsider, ILoveHits, 123Clicks and TrafficSwarm along with VitalViral and TrackThatAd.

Some Random Thoughts:

If you were concerned that you would miss getting email addresses from those that purchase a Backstage Pass, dont be! Those that request it will receive a spread-sheet of all emails associated with the event, making the VIP add-on a win-win.

A new header has been uploaded, and time-sensitive graphics will be uploaded throughout the morning...grab some!

Beginning today, the Help Desk will be manned close to 20 hours a day. Problem, suggestion, or need a tarot card reading? Please submit a ticket and we will get right back to you.

There will be a Contributor Top 5 based on referrals. Prizes will include a guaranteed Top Ten start in next quarters giveaway, the complete gift cd/dvd, and other prizes we just haven\'t had the time to put together yet!

Once again, please upload your gifts so they can be reviewed and no matter how big or small, send your list another reminder that the event starts tonight.

If needed there may be one more email today, but only if there\'s actually something to report or anounce.

Have Fun, make a little money and make some friends. Above all else...

Make it an Insane Day!!!